Weighed Down With Sorrow

Today’s not been great. I’ve been feeling down and low on energy all day. But even though I’m not my brightly smiling self today, I usually feel a little better after I’ve listened a while to one of my favorite bands of all time; Insomnium.

Shortly after discovering Insomnium I listened to them, and only them, for about 6 months straight. I never got tired of their music; I listened to it everywhere I went. These days I try to vary myself a little and listen to other bands every once in a while as well… but when I’m feeling low and in need of a pick-me-up I always, always, come back to Insomnium.

Their music is heavy and dark, with hauntingly beautiful melodies. The melodies might seem a little simple at times, but that’s one of the things I like about them… the simplicity and the fact that I can hum or sing along with them, should I want to. I also love the contrast between these very melodic lines and Niilo Sevänen’s deep, abysmal growls. If they’d been separated, beautiful melodies in one corner and the growls in one corner, their appeal would have lessened… but once you put them together they turn into something wondrously beautiful. Then add the lyrics and you’ve achieved perfection in the art of melodic death metal.

I have a hard time describing the feeling the music of Insomnium generates within me, just know that it is akin to blissful euphoria.

If you are a fan of the Gothenburg sound (even though these guys are from Finland) and melodic death metal and have yet to discover Insomnium… well, don’t hesitate! I advise you to look them up at once!

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