Musical activities

Today has been a really good day, both musically and otherwise. I started my day with half an hour of voice warm up exercises, then after a break I continued my practice by singing through a few of the pieces I’m working on at the moment. I was done with practice around 9.30 and then I had a well deserved half hour break before my singing lesson at 10.

The singing lesson went well and my voice was very responsive, which is always very nice. We worked a lot on how to help me be more relaxed while singing… not relaxed as in being completely slack of jaw and muscles, but relaxed enough that my voice can flow freely. It took a few tries and it was hard work (it sounds a bit contradictive that trying to relax would be a lot of work, doesn’t it?), but I finally managed. Now I just have to remember what I did, so that I can take it with me when I’m alone in the practice room.

It was also nice to hear my vocal coach say that my mid range is completely whole. There is nothing in my voice that needs fixing so to speak. Apparently this is very rare among young/aspiring singers. And since my mid range is whole it is also very easy to keep building up my voice. We don’t need to take a few steps back to repair some old damage or anything, which is a relief to know. I have lived in fear that my vocal chords, and by extension my voice, might have been permanently damaged by the acid burns, caused by stress, on my vocal chords and mucous membranes. Apparently this is not the case, but I still need to be careful though.

I have quite the list of songs I’m working on at the moment, but hopefully I’ll be able to get through them all eventually. Though my vocal coach keeps adding pieces to that list, so it may be that I’ll never finish it… but it is all good fun. It is nice to have a list of songs to pick and choose from, a list that is tailored after my vocal capacity. Right now I’m working on:

Sebben, crudele – A. Caldara
Kärleksvals (waltz of love) – U. Neumann
Plaisir d’amour – G.Martini
He shall feed his flock – G.F. Händel
Habanera – G. Bizet
Abschiedslied der Zugvövel – F. Mendelssohn
Hello – A. Lee

But now it’s time for bed. My body and vocal chords need rest after all the singing I’ve been doing today.

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