The Dream is Still Alive

Back in May I had my senior recital and final concert in Piteå. I sang a variety of pieces ranging from opera to romances to metal, but one of my absolute favourites is my encore number which was a cover of “The Dream is Still Alive” by the symphonic metalband Xandria. A friend of mine arranged it for a more classical setting back during my first year in Piteå and it was great to be able to pick it up and sing it again three years later. “The Dream is Still Alive” was also the title of my recital and it summarizes quite beautifully where I am and want to go in my life at present. Below is a live-recording of my rendition of “The Dream is Still Alive”. I hope you’ll like it!

Arrangement: David Saulesco
Lead vocals: Cecilia Kamf
Duet partner: Helena Gedda
Pianist: Britt Wennberg
Clarinet: Mikael Roos
Guitar: Daniel Schwartz
Choir: Emelie Lindquist, Helena Gedda, Kristina Sjöström, Ellenor Lorentsson, Astrid Banck-Linderoth, Carl-Johan Wallentin

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