I have been following a girl called Klaire de Lys on youtube, and facebook, for a while now. She does these amazing makeup tutorials and they are incredibly inspiring to watch. What I didn’t know though was that she and one of her friends had started a band and were about to release their first EP. I first saw a mention of it on Klaire de Lys facebook page and decided to check it out… and am I glad that I did!

Their band is called Malumi and they released their first single, Snow, on December 19th. The accompanying video was beutifully shot and the makeup was really pretty and the music… well, I loved it. It’s gentle and soft, with lovely piano melodies and Klaire’s and Sarah’s voices harmonize really well together. It has a little bit of that haunting and melancholy quality that I am so fond of and it went straight to my heart. Check out the video below.

On February 9th Malumi released their next single, the title track of their EP, as well as the whole EP. The song, and EP, is called Lullaby and just like Snow it is a beautifully shot video and the music is lovely, with great lyrics that touched me deeply.

I hope you’ll like Malumi as much as I do.


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