Strawberry Fields Forever

Every year at my school we have a guitar and vocals project during the fall. My first year the theme was ballads, last year it was “renaissance and heavy metal – unplugged” and this year’s theme was world music and 60’s hits. My first year the project resulted in a small concert, but last year they changed things up a bit and we got to collaborate with the people who study TV-production and together with them we made a TV show. It was a great experience, albeit a bit out of most of our comfort zones but still a lot of fun. This year we did another collaboration with the TV-production students and our program was aired live tonight!


We’ve been working on the TV-production for about four weeks now and the idea the TV-students had come up with was that the show was to be a sort of talk show with a music quiz and live music. They’d created two great looking sets inside the studio, one in the form of a 60’s inspired café and the other as a backyard or street corner, complete with a cityscape background, brick walls and a park bench. The talk show and quiz part took place inside the café, obviously, and we (the musicians) hung out and played at the street corner themed set. The musicians also wore 60’s inspired clothes and makeup, to really tie the theme together. Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the sets, but hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on the recording of the show so that I can put up videos of it here as well as on my website.

I think the performance went really well and just like last year it was a really fun thing to do. I sang “Strawberry Fields” by The Beatles as my solo number and then we all sang “I want you back” by Jackson 5 as the finale. This year’s TV team were really efficient and everything went smoothly and I can’t praise them enough for the awesome sets that they had created for this show. I really hope I’ll be able to show them to you on video, since pictures wouldn’t do them justice anyway.



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