Song of Durin

A few days ago I stumbled upon this song on youtube, and being the Tolkien nerd that I am I fell in love with it instantly. I hadn’t heard about the woman, Eurielle, behind the song before, but I really like the ethereal qualities in her voice and to me she sounds very much what I imagine a young elven woman singing would sound like. The first of her Tolkien inspired songs was released back in December and the second one about a week ago. Both are really beautiful, as well as sad, with haunting ethereal vocals and I wish that they could have replaced the upbeat pop songs at the end of The Hobbit movies with these gems instead.

Eurielle have a couple of other really lovely songs on her youtube channel and another one of my favourites is “Hate Me”. It is a live video, but it is beautifully shot and edited, so I definitely recommend checking that one out as well.


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