Delight and Angers

This weekend I’ve been in Hammerdal to rehearse with the band and prepare for the release of our fifth album – “The Downfall of Humanity”. I hadn’t seen the guys since sometime in October, so it was really nice to be able to get together and play music again. It’s a 10 hour bus ride down to Hammerdal, but it is sort of nice (albeit a bit boring) to just sit and do nothing for a while, considering how busy I’ve been as of late.


Me, waiting for the bus at Piteå busstation.

Our keyboard player have moved into a two story house (which is actually his old childhood home), so we mostly hung out at his place. Aside from rehearsing (our rehearsal space is in the basement of Timo’s house, how cool and convenient is that?) and doing administrative tasks in preparation of the album release we made tacos, watched movies, laughed at the two cats and just chatted. All in all it was a very nice and relaxed weekend.


Jocke, our drummer, removing the booklets for signing.

Recording and releasing this album has been a long and sometimes very frustrating process. We’ve made misstakes and have encountered a lot of problems along the way, but hopefully we’ve learned from this and next time things will go a lot smoother. We recieved the CDs earlier this week and thought that our troubles had -finally- come to an end… but that was not the case. When we looked the CD’s over we realized that the tracklisting on the back of the CD was in a complete disarray… so we’ll have to order new back inlays and manually switch out the old ones. It’s our own fault for not double-checking everything before we sent the material away to be printed, but it is still extremely annoying and adds an unnecessary element of stress that none of us needs right now. But hopefully solving it will be fast and we’ll get the CDs out as scheduled.

And for those of you who’ve missed it, here is a small teaser trailer for the album! “The Downfall of Humanity” will be out on February 20th and will be available on spotify, iTunes, CDBaby and on our own webstore!


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