In Memoriam

I haven’t written here in quite a long while now and there are several reasons for that, but it is mostly due to a general lack of energy and inspiration. This fall has been a really rough couple of months, coloured by pain and grief and it all culminated a week and a half ago when I received news about a classmate’s death. Some might have known or expected it to happen, but for me it came as a complete shock.

I didn’t know Jörgen extremely well, but I still considered him a friend. He was quite introverted, but extremely smart and had a really sharp wit and sense of humour…and he wrote absolutely beautiful music.

I had the honour of premiering one of his art songs during my first year in Piteå and I fell in love with his music instantly, as did everyone else. Our lecturer in piano was so enamoured by the piece that he commissioned Jörgen to write a couple of companion pieces to the first one and make it into a song cycle.

During the memorial ceremony this past Friday a friend of mine sang two of the songs from his song cycle and the choir premiered his newly written choral piece. It was a beautiful ceremony and a great way of honouring his memory.

Below I have re-posted the recording of when I premiered “Det Blir Vackert Där Du Går” (Beauty follows in your footsteps) about two years ago, as my own way of remembering Jörgen Ängsved.

I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.


One thought on “In Memoriam

  1. Thank you very much for these honouring words about Jörgen. We were very close friends from 2003 to his death and I am really grateful for your loveful description of him. Take care / Martin Bondeman

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