Long Long Journey

This past sunday (23rd of February) we did an encore performance of our highly successful “Renaissance and Heavy Metal – Unplugged” concert that we first performed back in December. This time we performed in Black Box in Studio Acusticum, which was an interesting venue to sing in. The acoustics are completely dry in there, which makes it really frustrating to sing since it feels as if you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and nothing happens. So we had to use several microphones to help our voices, and the guitars, carry the sound. But the concert went really well and the people that showed seemed to like it.

We’ll actually make a TV-production of this concert and it will be aired online on the 11th of march. Once I have all the details and links I’ll post it here. It will be an exciting, and tiring, project for sure! I (and the rest of the classical singers and guitarists) have several long days, filled with rehearsals and meetings with the TV-team, ahead of me still.

No rest for the wicked, right?

One thought on “Long Long Journey

  1. Då är det snart dags med lite information så man kanske kan beskåda det hela 😉
    Kul att det gick bra med föreställningen för övrigt!

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