In Perfect Harmony

This past sunday (9th of february) we recieved yet another glowing review of our album “Lost”! It’s written by the awesome people over at and it is entirely in swedish… but for your benefit I have translated it!

“After a year of aridity and tiredness I’ve decided to start writing again, and what better to start with than writing about Lapis Lazuli? This record does not feature Frida (Eurenius) on vocals, no no: this time they’ve managed to engage a talent named Cecilia Kamf.

To make it very simple: Frida was good, but this is a bloody punch in the face that will throw you completely off stride, why this is their fourth full length album without being signed is beyond me.

I have listened through the album many times by now and I still can’t find anything wrong with it, so why keep looking for faults? Cecilia Kamf is brilliant with her opera voice, and the rest of the production is, as always when it comes to Lapis Lazuli, glorious.

This is, simply put, magnificent.”

The original review in swedish can be found here:


11 thoughts on “In Perfect Harmony

  1. sv: Ja! Jo jag har varit inne på, men mest på andra sidor för info 🙂 Kopierade rakt av vad några körde på för balsam, så rätt borde det bli, hehe. Vad synd att det inte funkade för dig! På vilket sätt gjorde det inte det? Jag hoppas att det kommer vara ett bra sätt för mitt hår att återhämta sig efter allt jag gjort med det… Behöver något långvarigt vårdande.

    • Of course! I’ll try to remember to vote for you more regularly too! 🙂
      Yeah, I will consider it. Seems like a good way to reach out to new people as well, right? 🙂

      • Yeah, but it’s very tiring for your family and friends to remember to vote regularly, my brothers have only managed about 70 in three weeks lol and that’s with constant nagging off my Mum he he. I don’t have a fan base to mobilise but if you have about 100 fans to call on, it saves you troubling your friends.

      • Yeah, I guess that’s true.
        Well, you have a large fanbase on facebook, do you not? 🙂
        Yes, that could work. Though, to reach everyone of my fans on facebook I’d probably had to pay for it… since not all my updates would be visible to all my fans. Real annoying, that. >.<

      • Same problem, my Facebook page is a business page without a timeline or direct connect. About 6700 people went over to AS and liked the page but only 380 actually registered a vote that counts, of those 380 many are voting multiple times for me which is brilliant but a lot to ask of people, which is why I’ll only stay on one month. I think the green vote button puts people off and they prefer to leave a ‘like’ thinking that’s a vote. If I did it again I would never start after the 1st of the month because you’re already miles behind. The site has staff picks and things like that in order to promote favoured artists, I don’t know how you’d get picked for that but it might be worth doing your research if you go ahead.
        There are ways you can leave just taster tracks too or downloads to pay for but I didn’t look into that, but if you’re promoting a professional cd don’t give it away for free 😉

      • Ah. I see. Well, I think there are ways to use the facebook page to promote your AS page without being too repetitive or annoying. ^^ A lot ot bigger artists do it all the time, when promoting an indie-go-go campaign for example. Not exactly the same thing, but in your case people wouldn’t even have to pay anything, just register a vote. 🙂

        Yes, I will have to think long and hard about that… and how to go about it. Probably make some sort of marketing plan, even though that isn’t exactly my strong suit. 🙂 Do you have someone helping you with such things or are you on your own?

        Might not be the wisest idea to launch an AS campaign right before we’re gonna launch an indie-gogo-campaign for my band – to fund our next album. That will be an interesting process for sure, but hopefully we’ll manage to get the funds we need…

      • Only my parents and they both work 50 hours a week in their business to help put me and my brothers through college and university! They’re both at their desks on computers all day so – you know – I don’t like to ask too much more, Dad already does all the videos and photo condensing and Mum has a quick read through all my posts before they go live twice each week and she monitors incoming comments just to check because they’re not moderated.

        It’s hard in term time to keep the plates spinning but I don’t do much more on Facebook and google than share links back to the blog. I have been offered a concert this Christmas though and an Opera singer from America got in touch with me with tips to help my singing and has followed my Facebook.

        I’ve taken on nearly £50,000 of student loan to do my undergraduate training and I have to find the funding for postgrad, I just don’t think I’ll get any help because my parents both work full time and I need to cut down the office work in the summer so that I can concentrate on my music and languages, it’s French next year and I’ve never done any.

        It would have probably been best to do this in the recess 😉

      • Ah. I see. But it is really nice that your parents still find the time to help out like that. 🙂 My parents don’t have the time, and I am a bit of a controlfreak and like to do things my way anyway… and right now I don’t even have enough readers to merit someone helping me monitor things in any case. Maybe when I’ve reached the same number of fans as you have. 🙂

        Oh, wow! Congratulations! That’s awesome! That’s the kind of things that makes you feel all the work is worth it, right? 🙂

        Yikes! I have student loans too, but I am nowhere near that sum yet. My loans will be around £12,000 by the end of this semester I think… and then I’ll only have one year left before I get my bachelor’s degree. 🙂
        Ah. You’re so lucky that you get to study languages like that in your program though. They’ve cut that part out in my program, to save money I guess. They used to have it, back in the day, but yeah…
        If I want to study languages I’ll have to either study at a distance (through the internet and whatnot) or take the course at the LTU campus in Luleå, which is like 50 mins away by bus… So right now I’m a little bit annoyed that I didn’t continue to study spanish, or began studying Italian, in high school. ^^

        Haha! Might have been, yes. 😉

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