Our Solemn Hour

A few weeks ago Lapis Lazuli performed in a music competition called Emergenza. Sadly we didn’t advance to the next round, but it was a great experience and we gave it our all. I will post videos from our performance as soon as we are done editing them.

This past weekend we competed again. The competition is called Wacken Metal Battle and the performing bands compete for a place at Wacken Open Air, one of the largest metal festivals in the world. This year they had chosen 16 bands, out of 180 applicants, to compete… and we were one of them! The premiminary rounds are held in four cities around Sweden; Stockholm, Gothenburg, Falun and Östersund, and four bands compete in each city. One winner is chosen from each preliminary round and the winners then face each other to compete for the place at Wacken.

We performed in Östersund and we went up against Summoned Tide, Offensive Ground and Myrah. We gave everything we had for 20 minutes and had a blast on stage, but sadly it wasn’t enough and Summoned Tide emerged as victors. But it was a great experience and we are really proud to have been chosen to compete at all, that means we -do- have what it takes… and we will definitely be back next year! Below are some pictures of our preparations for Wacken Metal Battle as well as some from the show itself. Enjoy!

IMG_3071The makeup needed to create my stage-look!

IMG_3073I got some “help” from the cat; Hubert!

IMG_3075The finished look

IMG_3081Waiting for our turn to soundcheck…

IMG_3086…and during the soundcheck Joakim’s double pedal broke…

IMG_3082…so we tried to weld it together again…


(The welding eventually proved to have been unecessary, and we solved it in a much simpler way, but fix it we did! Yay! Go us!)


8 thoughts on “Our Solemn Hour

  1. Åh vad spännande att se bilder och läsa 🙂

    sv: Ja det är helt sjukt, och så vanligt. Helt fullkomligt oförståeligt!

    “Raging nipples” heter den. Inte så stor vad jag förstår, skulle ju kunna bredda perspektivet och gå med i nån större grupp förstås 🙂 Tror jag blev inbjuden i den någon gång.

      • Thanks 😉
        I’m really lucky that I don’t suffer with many nerves for recitals, the audiences are always so lovely and supportive and want you to do well. I get an adrenaline rush just before I get up to sing and that feels great. I think a couple of my friends from the Tideswell Male Voice Choir are coming to watch me tomorrow and one of my new blog friends so that will be fab.

      • Ah! Yes, in that case you are lucky. 🙂 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. 🙂 It’s so nice when you see your friends’ faces in the audience when you’re performing, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. sv: Vi har tänkt diskutera det hela bandet! Är absolut en idé, samtidigt som det blir våran “kick off”-konsert, och att Martin i första hand bara planerade för ett band. Men inget är bestämt åt något håll, får höras om det närmre 🙂

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