Through the Shadows

Before christmas I told you that we were recording a cover of one of my favourite songs of all time. Now it is finally done and I can share the results with you! The song is called “Weighed Down With Sorrow” and is originally performed by the melodic death metal band Insomnium. I don’t know what it is about this song that captures me so completely, but I truly love it… the melancholy and sorrow, the interesting contrast between the harsh male vocals and the beautiful melodies.

We did this cover as a part of this year’s guitar and song project, called “Renaissance and heavy metal – unplugged”. Everyone got handed a renaissance song and then we got to choose a heavy metal/rock song on our own. The guidelines we were given were only that it had to be acoustic and that we should be as creative as we could.

As I told you in my other post I had been dreaming and wanting to do a cover of this song for a very long time and when this opportunity came along it was too good to pass up. I am very proud and happy about the finished reslut and I hope that you will like it!

Vocals: Cecilia Kamf (me)
Acoustic guitar: Erik Henriksson
Grand Piano: Simon Johnsson
Mixing/editing: Joel Löf

And just as a reference… the original song by Insomnium.


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