Cathedral Walls

This past sunday I got to record a song that I have been dying to record for a very long time. It’s an acoustic cover of one of my favourite songs and I have had the idea for this for years now. I will not tell you what song it is yet… you’ll see once it’s ready. But I can tell you that it was lots of fun to do and that I think the end result will be amazing. Erik played the guitar, Simon played grand piano and I sang. To our help we had the trusty sound engineer Joel. The four of us work well together and we were done in about two hours or so.

We recorded the song in the auditorium, which is an incredibly ugly room, and we decided to turn off almost all the lights, to help create the right mood… and it worked like a charm! We were all able to forget about our extremely ugly surroundings and concentrate on the music alone. Below are some pictures from the recording session. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Cathedral Walls

    • Hi Charlotte!
      I’m good, thank you. Just had axlittle brak from blogging during christmas is all. How are you and how is your throat? Have you had a nice christmas? 🙂
      Ah. I started school again today. I have my singing exam next week. Yikes!
      All the best,

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