In the Halls of Awaiting

A few weeks back I promised you that I would post pictures from our gig in Stockholm. I couldn’t post them earlier because we wanted to release the news about our bassist first, since he is appearing in the pictures and things could have been pretty awkward and confusing otherwise. But now we have released the news and I am able to post the pictures!

The gig in Stockholm was awesome! I don’t think we could have wished for a better first gig together as a band. I had a lot of friends in the audience, which was really nice. It’s very comforting to see familiar faces in the crowd. There were also a man from a different club who had come to check us out to possibly offer us a gig in 2014. This turned out well and we’ll be playing at his club in june. There were also the other bands playing that night in the audience and they had no idea what to expect. They played a type of metal that is -very- far from our own and I suspect they thought that our music would suck, by their standards… but judging by the looks on their faces we took them completely by surprise and they loved us! They applauded and screamed loudest of all and I had to force myself to keep a straight face when I saw their looks when our keyboard player began to growl in one of our songs. It was hilarious!

The sound engineer was also a pleasant surprise. It was a woman, which is rare, and she was absolutely amazing! It’s very difficult to get a good sound at the venue where we played, due to the stage being placed in a corner and due to the four pillars that are standing right in front of it, obscuring the view and the sound… but she somehow, magically, managed to make us sound awesome in that cramped space!

It’s so nice to encounter competent sound engineers when playing at clubs, since this usually is a very rare occurance. And the most competent sound engineers I have met during my forays into playing live at clubs have all been women. That’s pretty awesome and sad at the same time. We need more good sound engineers at the clubs, be they men or women… but the really awesome ones go on to work for the big companies or studios instead and rarely bother with the clubs. That’s sad.

Anyway… here are the pictures, as promised!



2 thoughts on “In the Halls of Awaiting

  1. Great post. I so agree about good sound engineers. I don’t sing very often with microphones and I’m so loud when I do that some sound engineers have a real problem with it and end up switching me off of lowering the volume too much. I’m glad you had a great concert πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ Yeah, I have experienced that as well: they lower the volume on my microphone a lot and then they push up the volume of the other instruments… which is extremely annoying. But this time around we had a sound engineer who knew what she was doing. Yay! πŸ™‚

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