I’ve loved and listened to metal for a good many years now and while I started out with the “lighter” music of Nightwish and Hammerfall I have since moved on to darker pastures to find my true home… and I did find said home within the dark melancholy of Death Doom. The slow, dark and extremely heavy music buried it’s roots deep inside my heart and even though I do listen to other kinds of music I always find myself returning to the embrace of the death doom genre.

So when I find new bands and new music to listen to within this genre I’m absolutely extatic and rarely listen to anything else for a few weeks. A few days ago I did find a (for me) new band and they are absolutely fantastic! They’re called Hamferð, they’re from the Faroe Islands and they won Wacken Metal Battle, one of the world’s largest competitions for unsigned metal bands, in 2012.. Their music is of the slow and heavy kind that I love and I noticed that they share a lot in common with Swallow the Sun, another favourite of mine. They recently released their second EP/album called Evst and I can barely wait until they release their full length album!

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