My Twin

For the past few weeks I have been working on my website and the first version of it is finally finished! It took a while for me to figure out how to install and set up everything and I raged quite a bit when things didn’t really go my way… very annoying. But, I managed to figure it out and I am pleased to present you with the product of my endeavors! Please check it out!

This past weekend I spent with my boyfriend at his school (he studies photography in community college) and we spent all day saturday in their photostudio and below are some of the pictures we took. I’ll post more later! And don’t forget to check out my boyfriend’s photoblog as well, it’s in swedish but the pictures are awesome:



6 thoughts on “My Twin

  1. Kul med alla de bilderna och att du använder dem 😀 Och tack för reklamen, nu måste jag ju börja uppdatera min blogg igen 😛
    Men vi får fara till studion fler gånger 🙂

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