Paradise (What About Us?)

On the 26th of September one of my favourite bands released a song (and video) from their upcomming album. I was extremely excited about this, due in part to the fact that I love their music, but mostly it was because of WHO they had collaborated with on this song. Two of the female fronted metal scene’s best singers doing a duet together. This was something that the fans of female fronted metal had been waiting for for years and years. Tarja Turunen and Sharon den Adel (of Within Temptation) singing together! There aren’t that many big and well known female fronted metal bands in the world and I think it is amazing that Within Temptation and Tarja actually got together and did this!

I think the song is good, a bit on the “catchier” side maybe, but still a nice song. But it is the collaboration that really does it for me. Tarja and Sharon’s voices sound great together and the story in the song (and the video) is definitely worth thinking about.

Well done ladies!

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