Last night was a night I had awaited for months and months… I was to see my favourite band, who very rarely play in Sweden, live for the first time! I have kept track of Insomnium’s tour dates for years now, and they’ve only been in Sweden one time before (that I know of) and sadly I missed that opportunity. But, I was determined not to miss this one!

Insomnium was to play together with Children of Bodom on their tour and they would conveniently play in both Stockholm and Gothenburg. I had a gig with Lapis Lazuli on saturday, at Brother Tuck in Stockholm (more about that in my next post), and had scheduled my departure from Stockholm to be on the day AFTER the Insomnium show.

I arrived at Tyrol (the concert venue) about a half hour before they opened the doors and was quite surprised at the lack of people. Children of Bodom, who was the headliner band this evening, is pretty popular and despite it beeing a wednesday it should have been packed with people. Promptly at six they opened the doors and an hour after that the first band, Medeia, took the stage. It was a pleasant surprise to realise that all the bands this evening would play a similar style of music… some kind of melodic death metal… but this is rarely the case otherwise.

I had never heard Medeia before and I have to say that it was not an unpleasant acquaintance, nor was it a wonderful one either. It was an alright one. Pretty generic melodic death metal. I did, however, like the fact that they had a female keyboard player. There aren’t -that- many women in the metal scene and when there are they are mostly singers. So this was a pleasant surprise. I think she was the wildest one on stage as well. You go girl!

After Medeia had played there was a brief pause and then the moment I had been waiting for for so long arrived…

Giddy with anticipation I watched as Insomnium entered the stage and immediatly began to play. And let me tell you, it was awesome! They are a really god live act and they truly love what they are doing. It was great. I got to do some headbanging and singing along… and I took some pictures, which I will post below. Sadly it all ended too soon for my taste… 45 minutes was not nearly enough. And I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t play any of my favourite songs. But it was a great gig all the same. I am content and happy. 🙂

I left before Children of Bodom began to play, since I wasn’t there to see them and I had to get up early today to fly back home to Piteå.

But all in all, it was the perfect ending to my visit to Stockholm!

4 thoughts on “Unsung

    • I grew up in a very musical family and my father, especially, listened (still listens) to a lot of different kinds of music. He played everything from Mozart to Deep Purple at home and one highlight from my childhood is when I’m lying on the livingroom floor listening to the original cast of the Phantom of the Opera on LP. I absolutely adored it and I guess it stuck with me. Then when I was fourteen I was introduced to metal in earnest when a friend of mine showed me the band Nightwish and they just happened to have a classically trained vocalist at the time: Tarja Turunen. And as soon as I heard that CD I was completely caught and I knew I HAD to do that, be a part of that kind of music in some way… and then it just went on from there. 🙂

      Yes, I love Evanescence! Amy Lee is an awesome vocalist and she is a very talanted songwriter as well. 🙂

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