One of my all time favourite bands is Insomnium. On the 12th of September they released a new song and it is AWESOME!

Insomnium’s songs have always managed to capture me and this is no exception. The music is good, but it is the lyrics that are the real strength of this song.

“Darkness is ignorance,Knowledge is light.”

And then:

“Dying doesn’t make this world dead to us,
Breathing doesn’t keep the flame alive in us.
Dreaming doesn’t make time less real for us,
One life,
One chance,
All ephemeral.”

I think that the message they are trying to portray is a very important one. My interpretation of it would be that we only have this one life and we should live every day to it’s fullest potential, since you never know when your life might end. No doubts and no regrets. Just live.

Many people, myself included, tend to forget this and just go through each day in a blur… never really savouring all the good things that might happen during a day, no matter how small an inconsequential they may be. It is a shame, but truth all the same. I try to remedy this when I catch myself just drudging along, not caring, but it is difficult… but that is life I guess. If it wasn’t difficult, there’d be no rewards and no real reason to keep on going. Luckily those kinds of moments (when I just drag myself through each day) doesn’t happen too often on my part. I am a pretty cheerful person most of the time. But, I think that the message in Insomnium’s song “Ephemeral” is worth thinking about all the same.

So, if you, like me, love melodic death metal at its finest and awesome lyrics as well… check out “Ephemeral” below! Enjoy!

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