Energize Me

Now it’s finally official! I am the new vocalist in Lapis Lazuli! We released the news yesterday, as well as a live video from our rehearsal a week and a half ago.

I had known about Lapis Lazuli for about a year and I knew that their old singer had quit the band. Beeing a singer myself I had thought about applying but something always got in the way. Imagine my surprise, and pleasure, when I received an email from Timo (the keyboardist and co founder of the band), about a month ago, asking if I wanted to join Lapis Lazuli as their new singer. He had found my videos on youtube and thought that my voice might fit in with the band’s sound. I didn’t quite believe it at first, but once the initial shock wore off I was able to form my answer… and it was a roaring YES! It was decided that I should come down, have a trial rehearsal and meet the band.

A few weeks later I was on my way to Hammerdal to meet everyone for the first time. It was really nice to meet Timo, Tobias, Joakim and Sandra and our first rehearsal went great!

Three weeks later I went back to Hammerdal and we spent the whole weekend recording the vocals for the upcoming album “Lost”. It was a great experience and it went a lot more smoothly than any of us had anticipated. We recorded nine songs in two days! (I feel a cold comming on right now and my voice is very hoarse… probably a sideeffect from all that recording. But it was worth it!)

We also did a photoshoot and let me tell you, it was freezing! For the first part of it we were outside by a rapid and it started snowing just as we were about to start taking pictures. By the end of the shoot I could barely feel my fingers or my toes! But I hope the pictures came out well… I haven’t seen all of them yet, but they will be released later this week I think. (New pictures of all of us to adorn our website and Facebook page! Yay!)

And, as I mentioned above, we did a rehearsal video which can be watched here:

If you’d like to support me and Lapis Lazuli, please visit and like our facebook page and our youtube channel! Please visit our homepage and twitter as well! Links below.



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