Symphony for the Lonely

A few months ago Ola asked me if I wanted to record the vocals for this metal song that he had written. Ola studies composition and this song is to be a part of his bachelor’s dissertation next year. Two weeks ago it was finally time to record the vocals. It was a fun, but tiring experience. I sang for 5 hours straight and was completely drained by the end of it. My boyfriend took a lot of pictures during the recording session and you can see some of them below.

IMG_4232 (liten)
Joel and Ola, supervising the recording process

IMG_4244 (liten)

IMG_4253 (liten)

IMG_4263 (liten)
Me, recording vocals

IMG_4268 (liten)
Josefine (who is a second year classical singing student) and I, recording vocals

IMG_4304 (liten)
Fun, fun!

IMG_4311 (liten)
Ola is studying the score veeeeery carefully…


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