Self vs. self

It is very interesting when you realize that you have moved forward/grown/progressed in one way or another. It becomes a sort of epiphany and everything around you seems just a tad brighter than it had just a minute ago. I had one of those epiphanies earlier today during my singing lesson. At the start of the lesson my vocal coach said that my voice had evolved and progressed a lot since I first came to the conservatory in September. It was really nice to hear, but I didn’t quite believe her at first… you hardly notice these changes yourself, unless they are extremely obvious. But at the end of the lesson she had me convinced… something had changed! And for the better, I might add.

The feeling when you realize that the song you previously thought extremely difficult and high is not so difficult or high anymore, is absolutely fantastic! Today we worked on “L’amour est oiseau rebelle” from Bizet’s opera “Carmen”, a song I had previously been a little scared of. But today I wasn’t scared. I was able to let my voice flow free and not choke up and hold the high notes very, very tight. It was amazing! And as my vocal coach said at the end of the lesson: “Now you start to sound like a mezzo-soprano!”

Below is a short snippet of the lesson and the very end of “L’amour est oiseau rebelle” (I sing it in Swedish though).


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