Plaisir d’amour

This past week, I was in hell. I had caught a really bad cold and was coughing, my throat felt like someone had stuck razors down it, I had trouble breathing through my nose and I had a fever. But, we had one concert and two shows comming up so there was no time to be sick.

I went to my vocal coach almost every day and she managed to drag my voice out of me. My throat was extremely sore and it felt as if I was singing through a thick, dense wall of chewing gum… but I managed to produce something that was as close to singing as I would get at that point.

We had a guitar and vocals consert on thursday and I sang Plaisir d’amour. Not my best performance, but I am pleased at how good it actually sounds… considering the circumstances.

And some pictures from the performance:




5 thoughts on “Plaisir d’amour

  1. Det är så häftigt för det hörs verkligen inte att du är sjuk när du sjunger där 😀 Man anar det bara i början när du harklar dig lite. Riktigt bra preserat i alla fall! Du är bäst 😀

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