I wish I had an angel

Nightwish was, and to some extent still is, one of my favourite bands. They’ve been a constant companion in my iPod for years and years and I don’t think I’ll ever let go of them completely. There are too many memories attached to their music for me to just let go.

Through the years they’ve undergone a few changes and most noticeable is the change of vocalists. In 2005 they kicked their original singer, Tarja Turunen, from the band and she was replaced with Anette Olzon in 2007. Anette and Nightwish decided to part ways a few months ago for reasons still unknown to the public. But to be able to finish their current tour Nightwish had to bring in a replacement vocalist and that turned out to be Floor Jansen – lead singer of ReVamp and After Forever.

Of the three, Tarja is, and always will be, my favourite. Her voice is unique and she was able to carry the music in a way that Anette and Floor does not quite manage to do.

Anette is an alright singer, but she was never right for Nightwish. Her voice is much better suited to pop or jazz, or something along those lines, than symphonic/operatic metal, in my opinion. And she did have problems with her live performances… a lot of times she sang off key and since she didn’t posses the range or the voice quality she wasn’t able to perform the old songs very well.

Floor is a better choice than Anette though, because her range is better and her voice has some of the operatic qualities that made Nightwish stand out from the rest when they started out. But as things stand, Floor is just a stand in and not a permanent member of the band.

The change from Tarja to Anette made me turn away from Nightwish, since I thought (and still think) that they had lost their originality. The music was still good and very epic, but Tarja made the sound of Nightwish unique. With Anette as their vocalist they sounded like popmetal and their music became extremely boring as a result.

But, you may judge for yourselves. I have decided to make this comparison as fair as I can by choosing the same song for all the vocalists and the song is performed live by all of them.

I present to you; I wish I had an angel

Tarja Turunen


Anette Olzon


Floor Jansen

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