The Passion and the Opera

Last week we had a guest teacher visiting us here in Piteå. His name is Sven Kristersson and he works at Malmö conservatory of Music (Musikhögskolan in Malmö). He was here for two days and held two master classes and one lecture. The lecture was about his doctoral thesis and it was very interesting to hear about his work and the process he went through during his artistic research.

But the best part of his stay was of course his master classes. Everyone who has vocals as their main instrument was supposed to participate and sing and it was absolutely amazing! Sven Kristersson works a lot with expression and story telling through music… the idea is that the singer should be able to communicate a feeling or an idea to the audience and then, with the help of that feeling or idea, the audience will be able to visualize the story the singer is telling. It might sound a bit simple, but let me tell you… it is not…

For this class I had chosen to sing “Se tu m’ami” again, since it is a song I know by heart and it fits me and my vocal range very well. I got to sing it through once and then Sven stepped in and started working with me. My problem was that I had a hard time getting into character and visualizing that character’s thoughts and feelings. My first sing through was pretty, but I didn’t really communicate what the song was actually about… and by that I lost the interest of my audience. But as Sven worked with me and got me to think, dig deep and act on my impulses my performance improved.

A friend and classmate of mine recorded the whole session and you can listen to all of it below. It is in Swedish, but maybe those of you who don’t speak Swedish will be able to get the idea of the class all the same. Enjoy!


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