Focus Shift

The week hasn’t been marvelous singing wise. I’ve run out of the medicine I drink to prevent the acidity of the stomach from damaging my vocal chords and I haven’t had time to visit the pharmacy to buy more. This has resulted in my voice being slow to respond during practice, if I’m having a really bad day it won’t respond at all, and my throat feeling slightly constricted and stiff. Not good. But, I have finally managed to get a good grasp of what I am supposed to be doing for the upcoming weeks.

For the past few weeks I’ve been running around like a headless chicken with no clue whatsoever about what’s going on. To not know and to be without any sense of control is something that stresses me out to no end and even though I’ve tried to get an idea of what’s happening, I have failed. But after yesterday’s interpretation session with Britt and today’s class with Synnöve I think I finally have an idea about where my focus should be at present.

We have a few performances and classes coming up and the repertoire I’ll be working on is as follows:

Master class    22/10                Se tu m’ami – G.B. Pergolesi
Master class    25/10                Se tu m’ami – G.B. Pergolesi
Concert          28/10                He shall feed his flock – G.F. Händel
Concert          31/10                Barcarolle (from “The Tales of Hoffmann”) – J. Offenbach
Master class      5/11                Sebben, crudele – A. Caldara

Then I have a few pieces I’m working on besides the ones mentioned above, and these are:

Habanera – G. Bizet
IV (from “I skogen om natten, Op.17”) – H.Hallnäs
Kärleksvals – U. Neumann
Plaisir d’amour – G. Martini
Med ögon känsliga för grönt – B. Hörberg


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