Today’s been pretty productive. I practiced for about two hours and then I spent the rest of the afternoon arranging ”Nightsong” from the game “World of Warcraft”. I got the idea to do this on Friday after rehearsing with the vocal ensemble. I know of a choir in the US who have arranged this piece to perform it acapella and I thought it would be awesome if we could perform it with the ensemble. Sadly, the American choir’s arrangement is not available anywhere, so I decided to arrange the thing myself. Only, I have never before in my life arranged anything like this! And let me tell you, it is tricky! I have to be completely focused while listening and then try to figure out all the different harmonies and rhythms. It’s really difficult to hear everything, but it is a very good exercise.

After two day’s work I think I finally have a pretty decent skeleton of the song. But to continue I’ll probably need someone else’s input… preferably someone who knows about arranging and that kind of stuff. There’s a guy in the ensemble who studies composition… maybe he’d be willing to help me out? I’ll have to ask him.

I’ve put up a work in progress file on Soundcloud for those of you who are interested. It can be found here:

And here is a video with the original song:


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