Inside the Particle Storm

Yesterday was a busy day. I had classes from 9 am to 4 pm and then I attended the first rehearsal with Piteå vocal ensemble. The vocal ensemble is a newly formed group and the idea is that by singing together in a small group we will become better singers… and of course we will perform as well. We already have our first gig booked. We’ll be doing a concert in Piteå city church on the 2nd of December and I am really, really looking forward to it.

It was a great rehearsal last night, even though it was our first one. We sang through a lot of the repertoire that we’ll be doing on the 2nd and the fact that it was all Christmas repertoire made it all the more perfect. Christmas songs and carols have always held a special place in my heart. I can’t help but love it and I even have a special playlist on Spotify with my favourite Christmas pieces.

By Christmas songs I don’t mean the cheesy stuff that they play in stores and on radio during Christmas… no by Christmas songs I mean the fantastic choral pieces and all the songs we sing at Saint Lucia’s day here in Sweden. The commercial songs are just… repetitive and I grow tired of them after just a few minutes. Boring. The choral pieces on the other hand… they’re amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of those songs…

I received an email from my vocal coach yesterday which stressed me out quite a bit. Apparently everyone is supposed to sing during masterclass on Monday. According to my schedule everyone is supposed to sing the week after that… and since I’ve been away and then sick, I have nothing prepared for Monday. When I asked my vocal coach about this she said that the schedule had been changed and that I must have missed that piece of information. She also said I should sing the piece I intend to perform in two weeks, when we will have a guest coach visiting us… problem is, I haven’t chosen a piece for that day yet! I also haven’t been able to give the sheet music to the pianist, or had time to practice with her… which is also freaking me out quite a bit. What to do, what to do?

On top of that we have a concert for the senior citizens in Piteå in three weeks time and we have a rehearsal for that next week… and I received one of the pieces I’m supposed to sing at that concert yesterday. Panic is pretty close to the surface right now!

So, I guess I will have to do my best and practice like a maniac all weekend. I’ll also have to send the pianist an email and ask her if she’ll be able to rehearse for a short while on Monday morning. That will have to do…

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