Shadow of Mine

Today I felt a little better, which was nice. Moping is fine for a few days, but sooner or later it has to stop. But due to my foul mood I haven’t really felt up to practicing… so I decided to remedy that today.

I started off with a warm up and after that I proceeded with practicing some of the band’s songs… and was I surprised when I managed to sing the highest notes in “Shadow of Mine” without any difficulty at all?! Hopefully I’ve managed to pick up something from my singing lessons by now and that’s why it went without effort, but I think I just had a good day. It was nice all the same though, since I haven’t been able to hit those notes for quite some time. This has led to me avoiding that song at all costs. But hopefully I can pick it up again now… though since the range of that song is pretty high at times (the highest note is an A#5 (a#2 in Swedish pitch-notation)) I will probably not practice it that often.

After “Shadow of Mine” I sang through “A Touch of Red” and “Sea of Sorrow” as well. Then I moved on to more classical pieces… like “Plaisir d’amour”.  I needed to learn the melody, so I spent about 30 minutes trying to memorize it. By the end of those 30 minutes I actually managed to hum my way through the song without too many mistakes. Yay!

I practiced for an hour and a half before my voice declared that it was tired and needed rest. I’ll continue working on “Plaisir d’amour” tomorrow… tonight I need to get the pronunciation of the lyrics straight. They’re in French… and I don’t speak a word of French. Well, at least I have something to do tonight.

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