Se tu m’ami

Mondays for me are interesting because they set the tone (no pun intended) for the rest of the week. If I start off my week with minimal practice and general slacking, that’s how the rest of the week is going to be as well. But if I do practice as scheduled and keep the standard high, it gets easier to keep it that way for the remainder of the week.

I also have master class on Mondays. I find the master classes a good opportunity to practice singing in front of an audience, but at the same time they’re really scary. You need to become completely comfortable in your own skin and you have to be able to feel that making mistakes is alright. It doesn’t have to be perfect or concert ready, that’s not the point… the point is to get positive feedback and constructive criticism regarding your performance.

Today I sang “Se tu m’ami” by G.B.Pergolesi. It is a great piece, but to really make it believable one has to sing it with nerve and passion… something I lacked during my first sing through. I find it very difficult to project certain emotions, like passion, while just standing still in one place while I’m singing. My vocal coach gave me a scarf and then brought up two of my classmates (males both) to the center of the stage. The idea was that I was supposed to sing to the two men, and in the song try to seduce them both. I could use the scarf to wrap around them and pull them in, or let them hold onto it for a short while before I pulled away.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least. While we moved around on stage and I focused on getting into the role, I released my choke hold on my voice… I just let it flow free. And it felt so good! It was so much fun to try to act the seductress and just fool around.

That I sometimes felt that my personal space was being invaded, due to the fact that they came pretty close at times, is something I’ll need to work on as well. If I’m ever going to become an opera singer I will have to let people come closer than a few meters.

We also talked a lot about how to use the lyrics while singing and that I should try to read the lyrics aloud with the language melody that is intended. This piece is written in Italian, ergo, I will have to sound Italian when I read it aloud… even though I have no idea how to speak Italian.

All in all it was a great class and I got some helpful hints and keys that I can bring with me when I’m off to practice.

Se tu m’ami as sung by Cecilia Bartoli

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