You’re the inspiration

Classical music has always been a constant presence in my life ever since I was a small child. But it wasn’t until I heard the symphonic metal band “Nightwish” for the first time that I realized I wanted to pursue classical singing instead of just singing in a choir. I was completely amazed that it was possible to combine operatic vocals with the heavy and bombastic music of metal. I was 14 and I became enamored with the symphonic metal genre immediately after that. I wanted to sing like Tarja Turunen, I wanted to be the front woman of a successful band like Nightwish…

Tarja is sadly no longer a part of Nightwish, but she is still one of my vocal role models and a source of inspiration. Over the course of the years I’ve acquired a few other sources of inspiration as well, most of them lead vocalists in metal bands. I thought I’d list my vocal role models below, so you’ll get a hunch as to where my musical aspirations lie.

Tarja Turunen;  lyric soprano – former lead vocalist of Nightwish, has a project in her own name these days.

Simone Simons; mezzo-soprano – lead vocalist of Epica

– with Floor Jansen

Sharon den Adel; soprano (though she sings within the mezzo range) – lead vocalist of Within Temptation

Amy Lee; mezzo-soprano – lead vocalist of Evanescence

Manuela Kraller; spinto soprano – lead vocalist of Xandria

Floor Jansen; soprano – lead vocalist of ReVamp and After Forever (no longer active)

Cecilia Bartoli; coloratura mezzo-soprano – Italian opera singer, famous for her interpretation of the music of Mozart and Rossini

Elina Garanca; mezzo-soprano – Latvian opera singer


I am a mezzo-soprano myself, but I like to sing Nightwish, Within Temptation and Xandria songs anyway… since the tessitura of the songs are usually within the mezzo range.

All of the above are amazing singers and I hope to become just as good one day, even though that might be far off still.


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